Welcome to Living Bigler!

Do you need a stand out travel, pet or lifestyle writer for your business or project?

Need custom, engaging content to draw your audience in?

My writing will help you engage your audience, excite them about their interest and leave them wanting more.

I’m Melissa Bigler, a freelance writer for hire. I add that “wow factor” to your content by making it:

  • Exciting
  • Helpful
  • Intriguing

I have a lot of experience in:

  • Europe and North America – I lived in EU for 4 years, visited 26+ countries
  • Pet products and nutrition – I was a pet boutique manager
  • Traveling with pets – I like to take my dogs with me!

I am also a pet parent to dogs living in Atlanta, GA. I have additional knowledge, experience, and personal interest in:

  • Blogging
  • Military life – as a military spouse
  • Veterinary field (Veterinary Technichian Assistant)
  • Psychology – I have a Psychology degree


“I think it’s fantastic. I really appreciate the quality of your writing and how you tailored it to fit with my blog. Thanks so much!”

– Amy Burkert, Go Pet Friendly


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