Trier, Germany

Ah, my first post! I guess I could start out with our local area because it is quite interesting. We live in Rhineland Pfalz, Germany.  One of the closest big cities near our house is Trier. Originally being a Roman city makes Trier is the oldest city in Germany.  Along with it’s obvious German culture, there is a ton of left over Roman footprints as well.

Below is the famous Portra Nigra, an intact Roman city gate.


Other ruins from the Roman period would be the Roman Baths. They are a fascinating ruin of underground tunnels and massive multiple story walls that used to be part of the community bath house. They are huge, beautiful and quite fun to explore.

Trier also bears a few different churches or cathedrals.

The Trierer Dom holds the “Holy Robe” which is said to be the robe Jesus wore.  They only have viewings of the robe roughly every 30 years, but we were lucky enough to be living here during a viewing.

The rest of the city is littered with gorgeous buildings and a few beautiful gardens.

There is much more to be explored in this city and I look forward to posting more about it!

Stay tuned, many more exciting posts are coming your way!


5 thoughts on “Trier, Germany”

  1. Love the pictures!!! And the name of your blog, it’s awesome!!! And by the way, your parents are two of the most awesome people in this world!!!! I know they are so very proud of y’all!

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