Ah, Bavaria!

I’ve been very busy lately so I haven’t updated in a while.  Hopefully I will be able to update more often now.

My parents are here visiting so we decided to take a vacation down to Bavaria, Germany. We stayed at the amazing military resort, Edelweiss, in Garmisch.  I highly recommend it to anyone active duty or retired, it was one of the best vacations we’ve taken yet.  It would also be a wonderful experience for someone right out of college to go live and work there for a year or two.

We did a lot of day trips and tours out of Edelweiss to some of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world.  Our first tour was Neuschwanstein Castle, also known as the “Disney Castle”.  Although it was definitely interesting to see, it was my least favorite site we saw on this trip.  The castle is actually fairly new (as far as castles go) and is just a major tourist stop.  The tour inside the castle was good, but we were so rushed I don’t really remember any of it.  You also can not take pictures inside.

There are two options to get to the castle, you can hike or you can ride a bus for a few euro.  I highly recommend the bus for anyone that is not a regular athlete.  The walk is very steep with no break straight up to the castle.  I had to walk backwards for a few minutes to give my muscles a break.  We also walked up to a bridge which gave an amazing view of the castle.

Our second tour was to Munich.  I really loved this tour.  It was fascinating to learn about all the history of the city and the different land marks there.  Most of the history pertained to WWII which was very interesting.

If you ever make it to Munich I highly recommend a walking tour.  Our walking tour was a part of the tour from Edelweiss, but there was a mention of a free daily tour that meets up in the city center.  It could definitely be something to look into.

My husband and I standing in front of a building that Hitler used as a faux stage to give a speech.
The Glockenspeil was neat. It is like a huge cuckoo clock that plays out a scene of a festival and jousting.

We ate lunch at the Hofbräuhaus.  The Hofbräuhaus is a very famous brewery and beer hall.  When we were there they had live music playing, delicious food and fantastic beer. My husband had a hefeweizen (wheat beer) and I had a radler (lemonade mixed with beer).

If you enjoy looking at pretty, expensive items, the Crown Jewels of Munich is fun to look at.  They are stored in a museum with rooms and rooms of different expensive possessions of the royal family.  There were crowns, jewelry, mirrors, swords, statues, and more.

The next day we went to Bolzano and Vipiteno in northern Italy.

The first stop we made was in Vipiteno, a cute little village with Roman history and beautiful buildings.  We stopped in a shop to buy some of the best Moscato and Amaretto I have ever had.

Afterwards, we hopped back on the bus and went to Bolzano.  Bolzano was a bigger city than Vipiteno.  The first thing our tour did was go see the famous ice man.  In my personal opinion this was a huge waste of money.  They took the discovery of one man’s body and made an entire four story museum for it.  When you finally get to the point of seeing him you have to look through a tiny port hole into the dark room where he is stored.  Only one or two people can look at a time.  When we finally got to look it was very underwhelming.

The town itself was very pretty though and fun to walk around.  They had a lot of high end shopping as well.  The pictures can speak for themselves.

My second favorite day trip was Innsbruck, Austria.  This place was just so perfectly picturesque.  As if the other places weren’t!  We could have spent a couple days there or at the very least one full day.

Our first stop on the bus was at the Swarovski Crystal World.  It was interesting in a brain washing, odd artwork kind of way.  It definitely wasn’t what I expected, but it was a good experience.

Outside the crystal world.

Afterward, we went into the city and started to explore.

In the city, there was a gorgeous 600 year old royal garden.

Definitely spend a couple days just in and around the town of Garmisch.  There is an amazing gorge to hike, called the Partnach Gorge.  It is a pretty easy hike, most people could do it.  The color of the water in the area is pretty.  The cause of the water color is the limestone in the rocks.

There are even some views of the mountains on the way to the gorge.

We found the best restaurant with incredible food and atmosphere.  It is called Zum Wildschütz.  If you ever go to Garmisch, you HAVE to go to this place.  All four of us had outstanding meals every time we ate there.  Lunch was not crazy crowded, but I would definitely make a reservation for dinner.

My dad and I also tried schnapps for the first time.

Hitler’s Eagles Nest was yet another one of our day trips.  This was fantastic because of the history as well as the views.  The day we were there was very clear and we could see all the way to Salzburg, Austria.

Now, finally, our final day trip and also my favorite of the whole vacation…..


This is the tallest mountain in Germany situated right outside of Garmisch and standing at approximately 10,000 feet.  We rode a cable car up to the peak and it was awe inspiring.

My husband and I are adventurous and decided to climb out to the actual peak.  In hind sight it was very dangerous and probably a really bad idea. I don’t recommend it to anyone unless you have the proper equipment (like the sign, that we didn’t see, says).

It was definitely a vacation I will never ever forget.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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