Chocolate, More Chocolate and the North Sea

Just got back today from an overnight trip to Brugge, Belgium! What a beautiful city Brugge is.  We drove to Brugge, spent the day walking around the city before we went to “Ice Magic”, a large display of ice sculptures.  The next day, we had the best hot chocolate I have ever had, and then made our way to the town of De Haan to see the North Sea.  I highly suggest a stop in Brugge for all of you world travelers.

We stayed at Hotel Europ and would recommend it for others.  While it was not a fancy hotel, the location is great and within a 5 minute walk from city center.  The price was very reasonable. If you are driving, bring a small car! Their parking garage barely fit my husband’s Honda Civic.  If you have a much bigger car, you would not fit.  The whole city of Brugge is easily accessible by walking.

Most of our day was spent wandering around the city and stopping in all of the amazing chocolate shops.

The architecture is beautiful and unique.  There are tons of cool buildings to see.

Food in Brugge is extremely expensive.  We wanted to have lunch but didn’t want to spend 25-35 Euro per person on lunch.  After looking at many restaurant’s menus, we stumbled upon an Irish Pub. They had many specialty sandwiches, they were decently priced (approximately 9 Euro each), and one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.  If their sandwiches were that good, I imagine everything else on the menu is delicious too.

In the evening we arrived to Ice Magic, the main reason we went to Brugge.  My husband and I, as well as our group of friends, are pretty geeky.  If there was a year for us to go see the Brugge Ice Sculptures, this was the year! The ice sculptures this year were inspired by Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit.  We loved it. It is well worth the money to go check it out.  The structures and sculptures had amazing details that can’t be fully captured in pictures.

There was even a really cool ice slide!

The next day we woke up, had a light breakfast at the hotel and headed back to city center to get some hot chocolate.  We searched online for the best hot chocolate in Brugge and came across The Old Chocolate House.  Boy, I am glad we went here! Above their chocolate shop they have a tea room where they serve hot chocolate, tea, coffee, waffles and other desserts.  We ordered hot chocolate and waffles, both were amazing. When you order the hot chocolate they bring out a giant mug of hot milk and a little cup with chocolate pieces in it.  You can then add as much chocolate pieces to the milk as you would like.

After we stopped at the Old Chocolate House, we picked up our car and headed out to De Haan.  We went to the central beach and excitedly ran out to see the North Sea.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip.  Brugge is beautiful with kind, helpful people, tons of chocolate, pretty canals, and beautiful architecture.  It was a trip that we will never forget!


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