Our Puppy has Arrived!

We’ve been very busy with our new addition to the family, a tiny Epagneul Breton puppy!

Meet Sherlock!


Sherlock was born on January 13th.  Five weeks later, we went to visit him at the breeder’s.  Enjoy this video of him and his litter mates!

We picked him up the day he turned eight weeks old on March 10th.  He has been a champ getting used to our home life the minute we got home.  He’s definitely a little ball of energy and it is impossible to get pictures of him unless he is really tired or completely passed out.  This is especially true since my husband has had a crazy work schedule this whole first week we’ve had him.  We should be able to snap some more active photos when he takes a few days off of work later this week.


This hilarity is a very common occurrence when he is sleeping.

We are completely in love with this little guy and with a lot of work, training and socialization, he will be a great companion for our active lifestyle as well as traveling around Europe!


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