One of the most beautiful places, Sardegna.

My husband and I took an amazing group vacation with my in-laws and our best friends to Costa Paradiso, Sardegna.  Sardegna (Sardinia) is an island off the coast of Italy. We rented this house in a private resort community from Airbnb.  It was beautiful.  There was a big terrace and infinity pool out back overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The view was to die for.

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The community had a few restaurants, grocery stores, dive shop, and just about anything you could want or need.  Definitely rent a car. Although some of the community’s amenities are within walking distance, others are not, or are a very far walk. To get to Costa Paradiso from the airport (we flew into Alghero) you have a car as well.

Our time there was at the end of May through the beginning of June.  The pool is not heated and it was freezing cold, so if you really want to utilize the pool I would recommend going in July or August.  Even though it was freezing, we still forced ourselves to get in because if you have a pool with a view like that… you HAVE to use it at least once! The sea was also very cold.  We rented wet suits to snorkel which was nice. The water was very clear and had great visibility.

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Although the water was cold, off season has it’s perks as well.  It was very private and quiet.  We never had to wait for a table at the restaurants and overall everything there seemed like it was all our very own private amenities.

During the day we would walk along trails on the cliffs finding little private coves and beaches to spend some time at.  Anywhere along the coast felt like it was taken right out of a movie.

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One day we took a day trip north to Santa Teresa.  It was a colorful little town with shopping, restaurants and really good gelato.  I would definitely recommend this town as a day trip to get out and see something.  We enjoyed our time wandering and bought some jewelry made from local coral.

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This was our first vacation in Europe where all we did was relax.  It was incredible.  What a beautiful place to spend a week along a gorgeous Mediterranean coast watching the waves break on it’s many rocky cliffs.


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