“Those damned dirty apes!” Gibraltar

During our trip to Marbella, Spain, we took at day trip to the British Territory of Gibraltar. This was one of my favorite things because I love animals and Gibraltar is known for their apes (ok, they are called apes, but they are actually monkeys). They all live up on the giant rock mountain with the town below.  It was awesome to be so close to the monkeys and have the incredible view from the top of the rock.


When we arrived at Gibraltar we went through the passport check, walked across the active runway (the only way into Gibraltar) and immediately went to the cable car and made our way up the rock mountain.  The #1 goal of this trip was to spend as much time as possible with the monkeys!


From the cable car we could see them, they were everywhere! I was so excited.  When we got off the cable car we saw our first monkey using a binocular stand as a little table.


Then we saw more and more and more.

10272589_2708093497564_2210949868022409366_o 10348855_2708094937600_41365890002792005_o 10353418_2708095857623_4612812423507451808_o 10379886_2708094617592_5590460149500020143_o



Oh right, the view was pretty spectacular too!

We hiked along this trail where I proceeded to step on a nail.  Thankfully I was wearing my thick soled hiking boots and the nail just poked me and did not break the skin.  So there we were standing on top of a very narrow trail, perilously balancing on one foot while checking for damage and digging a nail out of my shoe.  An experience not many have, I imagine.


Those mountains you see in the distance are mountains in Morocco! This photo looks over the Straight of Gibraltar.

10339279_2708088377436_6132376617920583860_o 10358949_2708097297659_1882394516184316030_o

Looking across the straight at another continent, Africa!



Looks like this post is going to be mostly pictures because they say much more than I could.

It was incredible.

1795393_2708100177731_8443272555578128119_o 10286785_2708099937725_6829569516918127136_o 10314655_2708101177756_6211577047945520417_n 10368365_2708100417737_618303193732817342_o

Once we my husband had his fill of monkeys, we hopped back in the cable car and went to explore the town.  I could have made a whole vacation out of the tiny territory of Gibraltar.  What a cool place! Main street was super adorable and had all kinds of cool shops, there were some other sites we didn’t have time to see like a lighthouse and caves, the restaurants all looked very inviting, it was a great place.


We decided to eat at a restaurant called Paparazzi.  The beer was perfectly cold after spending the day in the hot sun on top of the mountain. This was also some of the best food I’ve had in a long, long time.  We started with cheesy garlic bread, I ordered a seafood pasta and my husband had the lasagna.  It was to die for, so delicious.  Our waiter, Bryan, was a really fun outgoing guy too.  He took good care of us.

For dessert I had a slice of home made Banoffee pie.  I discovered Banoffee pie (banana toffee pie) on our latest trip to London – oh my, is it good!  After dessert Bryan brought us two shots of limoncello. The husband was driving, so I got to enjoy both of them.

Both of us happily stuffed, and I was a little tipsy, we made our way through the town, walking back into Spain, hopped in our car and made our way along the beautiful coast back to our hotel in Marbella.

The best day trip to this date!


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