Oui Oui Paris

We took a bus day trip to Paris that worked out perfectly as Paris is only about four hours from our house here in Germany.  We arrived at about 8:00 in the morning and watched the city come alive.  Our first stop was a the Louvre.  We didn’t go inside because that likely would have taken over our whole day.  The outside of the Louvre is still beautiful as are the courtyards surrounding it.

1487414_10201607400533101_6806896645531275988_n 10151335_10201607401493125_2795796714491025031_n

We then headed to one of the bridges covered in love locks.  Thousands upon thousands of locks are there.

1975159_10201607405693230_9139401685399005310_n 10170927_10201607405933236_5611380929023317284_n


Nothing for this trip was planned, the only sight that I had to see before we left Paris was, of course, the Eifel Tower.  When we arrived at the tower, it really felt like we were in some kind of movie.  It didn’t feel like we were actually there! I am so glad we made it to Paris.

10154227_10201607409453324_3987733845066277696_n 10174999_10201607411333371_2854119401912059124_n

For the photo below we stood there for probably a whole minute or two waiting for a woman to take our picture.  It was so awkward and hilarious to stand there kissing his cheek for so long.  This was actually the last picture of many that the woman took.  You can tell that I am laughing.


After thoroughly enjoying the tower, we walked around and rode a hop on hop off bus to see the rest of Paris, including Notre Dame.

10253910_10201607404973212_5189671846211058153_n10268402_10201607412733406_2350979125472999653_n 10294490_10201607414493450_1573943184280375701_n

The photo below is the same place we were standing in the very first photo.  Look at all of the people! I’m glad we got to see it early when no one was there.

10155831_10201607415613478_4227950345175630824_n 1901303_10201607418413548_1076170700295846985_n

10173590_10201607417173517_378208867594586009_n 10294237_10201607417573527_5011331117440949651_n

After walking miles and miles and miles, we decided to head back to the Eifel Tower one last time.



Paris was never top on my list, but I am very happy we made a day trip out of it.  We were able to see all of the main sights and get a good feel for the biggest French city.



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