Sherlock the Magnificent and Our List of Dog Resources

We are pretty obsessed with our dog, Sherlock.  We are constantly working with him, training him, researching everything possible about dogs and implementing it into Sherlock’s life in some way.


Sherlock has been trained using the scientifically proven more effective ways of training – positive reinforcement.

Mostly we just want him to enjoy life to the fullest while we enjoy his company.

I’d say he enjoys life.

His favorite activity, by far, is swimming.


He also loves napping on the couch……


And making lifelong friends!


He also really, REALLY loves his dad!

We’ve come up with a long list of resources that we love to share to help other dogs enjoy life even more and their people have a better relationship with them.  I hope you can find it useful!

> Books


> Videos


> Other Resources


Pursuing a Professional Career as a Trainer?

Here are some certification/education sources:


Now, go do something fun with your dog and make their day!



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