Best Dogcation – Switzerland!

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We had a really great time spending a long weekend with our dog, Sherlock, in Switzerland.

On our drive into Switzerland we stopped by the Château de Chillon in Montreux.  It is located right on Lake Geneva.  We didn’t go inside because we had our dog, but we explored the outside and it’s beautiful view.  There are easy parking spaces right along the street just past the castle.

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After visiting the castle we made the short drive to our hotel, Hotel Les Terrasses, just over the border into France.  When I was looking for hotels in Switzerland they all seemed to be insanely expensive.  However, when you go just over the border, they are much cheaper.  We found a lovely place that suited our needs perfectly.

The hotel was located right on Lake Geneva and had an amazing view of the water and mountains from our small balcony.  Sherlock loved sitting on our laps out there watching all of the birds and boats go by.



He clearly made himself at home.


We spent one full day hiking up to and enjoying Lac de Taney in Vouvry.  You can drive about half way up the mountain and then must hike the rest of the way.  Well, you can drive the whole way, but you absolutely need a Land Rover.  It is very easy to tell where you can’t go any further in a normal car, there is a parking lot available and the road suddenly starts going straight up.

That is essentially the hike as well – straight up for a little over 1.5 hours.  There is an “off-road taxi” service that is a small van, completely changed into an off road beast, if you do not want to hike.  I am not sure how much it costs though and if you can I suggest hiking.  There are beautiful views and the huge feeling of accomplishment when you finally make it to the top.

7 8 10 11 14

We spent the day admiring the view, eating at the restaurant and watching Sherlock swim in the crystal clear mountain lake.

9  12


Before heading back to our hotel for dinner, we drove around the countryside and enjoyed the view of the mountains.


The next day we made a trip to the very small town of Biglen, where my husband’s family and name originates.  It was really a cool experience to see where his ancestors may have lived – documented all the way back into the 1600’s.

16 17 18 19 20

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