Stockholm, Sweden


We traveled to Stockholm, Sweden and stayed for a couple of days before taking a cruise. While Stockholm was an interesting city, seemingly very modern and new compared to a lot of other cities in Europe, I probably would not want to go back to the city but would rather explore the countryside that is supposed to be beautiful.

It was a neat city because I didn’t realize that it is made up of a bunch of different islands.  There is one specific city that is called “Old Town” where the majority of their historical sites and awesome buildings are located.





Though I was expecting it to be expensive, we were still kind of flabbergasted by just how expensive everything in Sweden was.  We had already spent so much money just buying lunch and a few drinks that we decided we would go to McDonalds right next to our hotel to save a little bit of money, plus we were tired from a long day of walking and just wanted to go to bed.

“Saving money” wasn’t really what happened at McDonalds in Sweden, although going anywhere else, we probably would have spent more. I believe our bill for two meals of a burger, fries and a drink was almost $30 US dollars.

The next night after walking around the city, we met up with one of my husband’s internet forum friends at a local hang out.  It was really a neat place that seemed to be one of the spots the young locals go to have a beer.  It is just a terrace with some beer tents/bars set up with tables and couches to choose from.  The view was amazing from there.  We walked over to a more touristy place, called Gondolen, to take some pictures.

10535684_2776422485746_4149556666968211143_o 10486123_2776421725727_1349681849247507146_o

Finding the cruise port was not too bad.  We were going to try and take a bus, but a taxi was really not too terribly priced (surprising, compared to everything else) so we just took a taxi to make it very easy.  However, be sure that you know which side of the port your cruise is leaving from.  We were not sure and of course the one we chose to try was the wrong one so we had to get another taxi to the other port entrance.

We stayed at Hotel Terminus, which I definitely recommend for anyone staying in Stockholm.  It was a short walk from the train station as well as a short walk to “Old Town”.

Overall I liked Stockholm.  All of the people we encountered were very nice, and essentially everyone spoke perfect English which takes a bit of the stress away.


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