Adopt a Senior: Irene Addy Bigler

On July 26th, 2017, we added to our family.  We adopted Irene Addy Bigler from Orphan Annie Rescue, here in Atlanta, GA.  Her name reflects “Irene Adler”, a character in Sherlock Holmes, to compliment our other dog, Sherlock Ian. Irene is a senior cocker spaniel.  She is at least 10 years old, deaf, and partially vision impaired. She has undoubtedly changed our lives for the better. Her spunky, “little old lady” personality compliments our family and gives a great added dynamic to the bunch.

Irene’s Adoption Day

The details of her situation and how she eventually ended up at the rescue are not fully fleshed out. What we do know, is she arrived with horrendous ear infections that were untreated for an unknown amount of time.  We attribute her deafness to these infections. Her other medical problems consisted of severe dental conditions as well as entropion, or misshapen eye lids.  Irene’s eyes were also left untreated and after a lifetime of living with this condition, it has cost her partial vision loss.

Unfortunately, this happens to many senior dogs around the world. As dogs age, they require some routine veterinary work that is a bit more expensive than the usual shots. A lot of people choose not to do these procedures or apply medications because of the cost and in the end of it all, the dog suffers unnecessarily.

Enjoying her new backyard.

In Irene’s case though, she has a wonderful happy ending by joining our family.  The rescue and I have gotten her the medical attention she needs.  Even with her medical problems, adopting her was one of the most wonderful decisions we have ever made.  What rings true for Irene and with a ton of other adoptable senior dogs: she is fully potty trained, she’s past her obsessive chewing phase, is very independent, is great with people of all ages, and is very sociable with all kinds of dogs.

Now groomed, and enjoying a good snuggle with brother, Sherlock.

From day one she has been the happiest girl and a great sister to our other dog, Sherlock. She performs a wonderful little dance when it’s time to eat.  When feeling feisty, she’ll run and pick up a stuffed toy and shake it as hard and with as much gusto a little old lady can muster. She is HAPPY, she is LOVING, and she is DESERVING of a wonderful home in one of the most vulnerable stages of her life. We could not be happier with our little girl and I sincerely hope you will also consider a senior dog when it is the right time to add to your family. It was one of the most wonderful decisions we’ve made.

We may not have her for her full lifetime, but adopting her has already changed our lives forever.

Enjoying some Chick-fil-A crumbs.



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