I Quit My Job to Follow My Dream

I was managing a pet boutique and bakery.  I really enjoyed my job, loved the people I worked with, I socialized with all of the dogs that would come into the store, I’d get creative and decorate cakes and cookies for dogs everyday, and various other managerial tasks. It was not a bad job, but I quit. I knew I was at the top of the ladder there.  I knew that other nine to five jobs scared me and sound absolutely dreadful. I knew I had been looking at career and college websites over the past two years that I worked at Dog City Bakery because I needed to “eventually find my career”. I was willing to go back to college for another degree if I found something I wanted to do. Finally, it dawned on me. I am going to write. The bottom line: It was time to move on.

Writing has always been there. I’ve always enjoyed it. It is an art that has always come very natural to me. Throughout my life I’ve been told by my parents, teachers, friends, peers and grade school writing contests that I am a great writer. For some reason, it never really came together in my head that I could become a writer full time. You picture the writers in movies who work at a newspaper or magazine, typing away on their computers in a big office downtown. That’s not really me.

In addition, I’ve always thought of the type of writing I’d want to do as a side gig, something people did for extra cash, or just something people did because they love love love writing more than anything else. None of this is true. I’ve been reading about other people being very successful and I can’t help but think, why can’t that be me? Someone who has been really inspiring has been Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents. All of her articles call to me. She is very successful at what she does, and actually I’ve found some freelance writing classes through her blog as well.

Beyond wanting a career path, I want my life and my work to truly mean something. I want to help people and animals and I want a great big adventure.  Let’s get real though, the beginning of this journey is terrifying. I don’t have a clue of what I’m doing. All I know is that I’m going to give it my all and see what happens. I have a couple of freelance writing classes in mind and I am going to pick one and see what I learn. I read a book, You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins. He says to “just write” and “just put it out there”. That’s what I’ve started doing now with this blog.

I see so many people taking these amazing physical and spiritual journeys, whether it be with the military, Peace Corps, volunteering, and school or church trips. I kept thinking “I need to do that”. Well, this is going to be my version, at least my first version.

I’m setting my intention: I am going to be a successful freelance writer.

I got dis


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