Autumn is Coming

My favorite season is undoubtedly fall. While it’s not technically fall yet (September 22nd), the temperatures this year seem to be winding down a little early this year. We’re already getting some leaves off the trees in the backyard, too!

My birthday!

Especially when we lived in Ohio and Germany where the weather started to turn earlier, my birthday has always signaled to me the start of fall! It lands on September 4th.


Who doesn’t love fall food?! Stews and soups, pot roast, potatoes, steak… IMG_7754

While we were in Germany, we’d go to a fall festival for pumpkin soup that was about an hour and a half away just for the pumpkin soup. INCREDIBLE.

Can’t forget finally wanting to drink hot beverages too. I love hot tea and I can barely drink it in the summer.

Pumpkin Everything

I know, stereotypical basic girl right here, but I love pumpkin everything!

Give me those pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie! If it’s pumpkin, I will eat it.

Cooler Weather

Nothing is more refreshing than cooler weather after a hot summer. This is especially true living in the south, where summers are brutal.

The cool weather allows me to spend more time with my dogs doing fun activities too. We love to go for walks, sit outside and enjoy the backyard, go to festivals or sit at restaurant patios, and go hiking or to dog parks!

And, at the beginning it’s still cool enough to take the dogs swimming at The Canine Ranch.

That Leafy Smell

There is something about the decaying leaf smell that brings out all kinds of memories for me. First, it makes me want to go horseback riding out on the trails. Growing up we’d cruise around the trails in Northeast Ohio on our horses, especially in the fall when horse show season was wrapping up and the horses were past due for some down time.

It also brings back memories of family time. I think about my Grandmas (who have now since passed), my brother, and my parents having family time outside. My dad grilling. Grandmas responding to our constant “watch me” as my brother and I played on the swing set or trampoline. My mom helping me set up chairs and broomsticks as jumps for me to lure the dogs over with a packet of Kraft American cheese. The good ol’ days.



I am not as die hard of a fan of Halloween as many people I know, but I definitely enjoy it. I especially enjoy dressing up my dog, Sherlock. This will be Irene’s first Halloween with us, so it’s going to be extra special, too!


The Holidays

Thanksgiving ties up the end of fall and starts up the winter season. I really enjoy the holidays. I love getting to spend time with family, so it’s something I look forward to all fall long.

I also like to spend time really thinking about what gifts I want to buy the kids in my family and I usually figure out, if not buy, exactly what I’m going to get them during the fall.

…And So Much More!

  • Hoodies
  • Footie Pajamas
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Festivals

Let me know what you love about fall in the comments. And be sure to enjoy the best weather of the year!


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