Top 5 Dog Products

Working in the pet industry for a couple of years, as well as being a devoted dog mom, has put quite a few pet products in my hands. I’ve spent countless dollars on pet products and as of right now, these are my top five.

#5 – Tropiclean Aimable Shampoo Pouch


This is my favorite shampoo on the face of the earth. It is a shampoo that is mixed with coconut water to help give a more even application and coverage. With normal shampoo I always end up wetting my dog down a bit more and a bit more, just to get the shampoo to spread. This puts an end to that and really cuts your bath time down.

Since it is mixed with coconut water, it’s consistency is much different than normal shampoo. It is much more like water, but it lathers and smells incredible, just like normal shampoo.

You will not get as many baths from one pouch as a bottle of regular shampoo. One of my dogs weighs 40lbs and I can usually get 3 or 4 baths from one pouch. However, the price definitely reflects this, and I actually prefer it this way as it gives you more of a chance to change fragrances. I am the lady that has the same bottle of dog shampoo for the dog’s entire life and never gets to try anything new because I don’t use it fast enough. This solves that problem.

#4 – Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste


This is the only toothpaste I use for my dogs. I have tried upwards of 15 or 20 different toothpastes. One of the top requirements I look for is that the toothpaste includes enzymes that help breakdown plaque and tartar. A lot of dental products on the market are not enzymatic and as a result are usually not as effective. I have tried products with and without enzymes.

Most importantly, I look for something that my dogs enjoy. Of all the toothpastes I have tried, this is the only one my dogs like. In fact, they don’t just like it, they love it. All the other products sent them running for the hills and ultimately ended up in the garbage because they hated them so much.

We usually go with the poultry flavor, but I have also tried the beef flavor with just as much “likeability” success.

It really works. I’ve been consistently using this my dog’s whole life, aside from straying occasionally to test out other products. He will be 5 years old in about a month, has never needed any dental work and the vet raves about the condition of his teeth.


#3 – Harness Lead

harness lead

This is a more recent purchase of mine. I was skeptical about it’s ability to stop dogs from pulling. I was using a front leading harness for a long time, but eventually Sherlock figured out how to pull in that too. I figured I would try this. Worst case scenario I’d return it. To my surprise, it works extremely well!

It’s not just great for pulling though, it can fit almost any dog of any size. If your dog is hard to fit for a harness it’s worth a try. Since it can fit any dog, it’s also a great gift. Wonderful idea for growing puppies, you won’t need to keep buying new harnesses as they grow, this one will grow with them.

For convenience, your harness and leash are all in one. You can even use it as a slip lead when you’re in a pinch. I am very happy with this harness and quick to recommend to anyone to try.

#2 – Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys

If your dogs destroy stuffed toys, look no further. These are worth trying. No soft toy will ever be indestructible, but these are sure to last longer than normal. At the store I managed, these were our top sellers in toys – and for very good reason.

fluff tuff

These toys last. Pitbulls, Great Danes, Labs, and all in between, we’d hear the stories about how these would last weeks or months instead of the minutes a normal toy would last. I have a few for my epic destroyer, and while I still don’t let him lay down and chew on it (it’s not a chew toy after all), they last him a very long time too. We have a couple that we’ve had for at least 6 months!

If your dog is big into destruction, go for one of the toys with less limbs. Try a ball, a fish, hedgehog, snake, caterpillar, etc. The less things they have to grab on to and pull on, the better chance they have of lasting. The fish and balls always seemed to fair especially well.

#1 – Best Bully Sticks

best bully

My #1 are a classic – bully sticks. It is a rare day that you will not find these stashed somewhere in my house. We always have them and we use them a lot. A 6 inch bully lasts my 40 pounder about 20-30 minutes, and could probably last my 20 pound senior about a week, but her brother will eat it when she’s done with it.

First off, what are they? They are what make a bull a bull and not a cow. Gross. Ok, so now that we’ve gotten over how gross they are – in my opinion, bully sticks are the best chew on the market.

They are great for teeth, they have nutritional value, they take a long time for dogs to chew them, they are natural, edible, fully digestible, and they are safe.

Not all bully sticks are created equal. I like Best Bully Sticks, but there are other great brands out there too. It’s important to do your research as some use harmful chemical preservatives and fillers to make them look bigger and better and can cause them to become indigestible.

Once you’ve selected a reputable brand, really the only danger to them is choking – and that all depends on what size you get and your dog. If you’re unsure, always get a bigger size than you think you need.

The choking danger usually comes at the end of the bully stick, once they’ve chewed it down to a little nub. If your dog likes to gulp down treats and other food, I’d suggest taking it away once it is almost gulp-able size. Trading them the bit of bully stick for a treat will help keep them from trying to swallow it as they see you coming. Some dogs, like mine, do fine and will chew the bully stick all the way to the end, eating the whole thing, with no problems.


Have you tried any of these products? Have any suggestions for me to try? Drop a comment with your thoughts and ideas!




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