How Goats Can Help Your Pet’s Poo

Did you ever think that goats could help your pet’s digestion? Well, I’m here to tell you that they can. Goat milk can radically change your pet’s gut bacteria, presenting you with a healthier, happier pup.

When I was managing the specialty pet store, Dog City, in Marietta, Georgia, we sold 3 brands of goat milk: Answers, Primal, and a local farm, Capra Gia. Any kind of digestive upset we’d suggest goat milk as our first option because it’s effective, natural, and pretty cheap. The vast majority of the time we had great responses to the goat milk. However, I hadn’t seen it work first hand, at least, not until this year when we adopted our senior dog, Irene.


When we adopted Irene she had offensive diarrhea. It was liquid and it was constant. She seemed pretty miserable about it too. I tried new food and canned pumpkin for some extra fiber to no avail. I took her to the vet because her diarrhea became bloody, her fecal test for parasites came back clear, and they wanted me to try some powdered probiotics. I wanted to be a good patient so I took them home and we tried them. While there was no blood now, the diarrhea was still there – full force.

After those didn’t work, we were back at the vet for something else and he asked how her diarrhea was. He suggested I try I different probiotic that I could get from Amazon. I agreed and went home. This new probiotic was going to be insanely expensive. Instead I went back to what I knew and went and bought some goat milk.

I wish I had gone with my gut (pun intended) and went and bought goat milk initially because her diarrhea immediately cleared up.  She now gets half a cup a day and has had no more diarrheas since then. We even boarded her at the kennel for 8 days and she didn’t get stress diarrhea!

So, why does goat milk help?

Goat milk is soothing. Think about products you know that are made from goat milk – like soap and lotions. They are meant to soothe and decrease inflammation. It can have the same effect on the gut. If there is any inflammation or irritation goat milk can help combat it.

It contains natural probiotics. For dogs, it’s important to get raw, unpasteurized, goat milk. These contain the naturally occurring probiotics that are needed to help load the gut. Probiotics help aid in digestion of food.  The more well equipped the body is to handle processing food, the better it’s going to be leaving the body. Makes sense, right?


I chose the Answers brand goat milk because it contains the naturally occurring probiotic cultures, plus they add some too. Answers ferments their goat milk which essentially means they allow the probiotics to grow and grow before they pack it and sell it.

Another upside of goat milk is that almost all dogs love it. Irene gets hers after every meal. My other dog, Sherlock gets it almost daily just because he loves it so much. I have a hard time giving it to Irene and not Sherlock with his sad, begging face!

Goat milk is good for cats and dogs, and not just those with poo problems.  They can keep a healthy gut healthy by promoting a healthy balance of bacteria. Check it out, and maybe pick up a special goat milk treat for your pet to try today. Let me know if you see a difference in their #2.


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