My Irish Pilgrimage

In June of 2014, we completed my number one item on my bucket list.  We took a trip to Ireland! This was definitely my favorite trip so far.  Not only was it all I wanted in the trip, but it also felt like a genuine Irish experience, especially for the region we were in.

The trip started by flying into Kerry airport.  It was the smallest airport I have ever been to.  There were only 2 gates in the whole place.  I loved going to the tiny airport because everything was quick and we got our rental car and started our journey right away.

I am lucky that I am under 25 and can’t rent a car, my husband had to deal with the stresses of driving on the left had side of the road.  It wasn’t too bad starting out, but about 15 minutes into our drive we turned onto the narrowest road either of us had ever seen.  We had to drive down that road for about 30 minutes with cars, trucks and buses coming the other direction.  Needless to say, he was a little tense.  Once we got off that road and he started getting used to driving, it was not bad at all.  Most of the roads there are very very narrow, but you or the other driver just pull off to the side to let the other pass by.

We were making our way to the coastal town of Kilkee and had to take a ferry on the way.

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